Future Global Leaders Expedition

Credit: Jared Steinman

About the expedition

The core goal of the Future Global Leaders Expedition is to foster deep bonds and lifelong friendships among the FGL Fellows and to develop lasting leadership skills. To accomplish this, participants will experience real leadership opportunities and teamwork challenges all within the ambiguous wilderness context. Students will practice precise communication, interactive decision-making, courage in the face of hardship, and resilience.

This course is challenging, both mentally and physically. You may be outside your comfort zone. The expedition will provide you with the opportunity to not only learn about yourself as an individual, but also work with the Fellows in your class to overcome challenges as a team. We do not want you to be intimidated, but we do want you to be mentally and physically prepared for your time with NOLS. Don’t worry! Everyone will be going through this experience together and your instructors are there to teach you everything you need to know.

Wyoming’s Wind River Range is the setting for your course: rugged, glacier-carved mountains renowned for their sheer granite walls and famous for their rock climbing. For 20 days, you will backpack in wilderness surrounded by towering peaks, glistening alpine lakes, and perennial snow.

On this course you will have plenty of time to get to know the other Fellows. You'll learn new outdoor skills and encounter opportunities to discover and continuously refine your communication skills as you live and travel together in the wilderness. A foundational course goal is building an inclusive community with your peers.

Throughout your course, NOLS instructors will play evolving roles as you build knowledge, experience, and abilities during this self-contained expedition. You’ll learn about a range of topics, from natural history to leadership to geology, and you’ll have opportunities to put your new knowledge into practice every day. You will take on increasing levels of personal and team responsibility for technical challenges and the  interpersonal growth of your team. Finally, you and other Fellows will emerge from this experience having made powerful bonds with each other and ready to take on the challenges of the world!


2019 Dates

Course dates July 29 - August 17, 2019
Course location NOLS Rocky Mountain
Activity Backpacking
Course mileage ~80 miles
Fly in/out Casper, WY or Riverton, WY
Registration All enrollment paperwork is due Monday April 31st, 2019.
Documents  Course Description
  Equipment List
  Travel and Logistics


For more information contact:
NOLS Custom Education 
800-710-6657 ext. 2720

Isabelle D'Ursel, Future Leaders Foundation Inc.
(212) 776-3104