High School Credit

NOLS students can earn high school credit for expedition courses through Blueprint Education. This credit aligns with U.S. national standards for leadership and physical education courses.

Please verify with your high school counselor that these credits can be used toward your high school diploma. NOLS and Blueprint have no control over the transfer of credits.

Things to Know

  • Registration and payment are required 10 days before your NOLS course begins.
  • Credit cannot be awarded retroactively due to the required forms you and your NOLS instructors use to set goals on your course.
  • Eligibility: Any NOLS student can enroll in the high school credit program. Please verify with your high school counselor that these credits can be used toward your high school diploma. NOLS and Blueprint have no control over the transfer of credits. Ask your counselor to contact Bridget Svorinic at Blueprint (bridgets@blueprinteducation.org). She will be able to explain to your guidance counselor about the unique partnership between Blueprint Education and NOLS, to help your school determine if the credits available through NOLS/Blueprint will be accepted. With very few exceptions, after speaking to Blueprint Education, most schools accept the credits. 
  • Grading of leadership and physical education (PE) courses: Your high school credit leadership grade is based entirely on your NOLS expedition leadership and expedition behavior grades, with no extra paperwork. The PE credit is based on setting goals for PE performance and successfully completing a self-evaluation that reflects on what you learned. Your NOLS instructors will document that you completed the necessary physical activity (60 hours of activity for each 0.5 Carnegie Units (CUs)), collect, and evaluate your forms. Your PE grade is based on how smartly you set and work towards goals, not on how strong you are.
  • First and last day of the course: It is your responsibility to arrive at NOLS with the Blueprint Education self-evaluation form, and return it  to your instructors by the last day of your course. Extensions may be granted based on extenuating circumstances only and requests must be submitted in writing. There are no guaranteed extensions. If an extension is granted, a new due date will be set. There is no refund if a request for an extension is denied.
  • Transcripts: Blueprint Education will mail one official transcript to the address on your high school credit enrollment form. If you need more official transcripts, Blueprint can help you with that. Transcripts are not available until after the close of the term in which your course falls. Requests for early report of grades will be accommodated if they are made in advance of your course start date. Please contact the NOLS registrar at registrar@nols.edu with any requests or questions.
  • Refunds: If you withdraw from high school credit registration prior to the start of your NOLS course, the registration fee will be refunded to you minus a $25 processing fee. Students who separate from their NOLS course while in progress may be awarded high school credit based on the duration and quality of their participation. Credit for separated students is awarded at the discretion of NOLS staff and instructors. The expense for any high school credit not awarded to a separated student will be refunded, minus a $25 processing fee.
  • Blueprint Education and NOLS are entirely separate entities and no agency or employee relationship exists between them. Blueprint Education is accredited by AdvancED, the unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation & School Improvement (NCA CASI), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

Some high schools will grant students high school credit directly for participating in a NOLS course. Some students get high school credit by simply providing a copy of their NOLS evaluation, which will be available to you after your course (You can complete and sign the evaluation request form, indicating your school’s mailing address on the form, here.) Many high schools may also require students to write papers, make presentations and/or provide photos. Some high schools may be more open to granting credit if they know college credit is also being earned. Consult with your guidance counselor to learn about your options.

Download the NOLS High School credit package, complete with evaluation forms (pdf)