WRMC Proposal Process
& Steering Committee

Steering Committee

The WRMC Steering Committee oversees the educational content of the conference and provides collaborative direction and leadership. The committee is comprised of representatives from the partner organizations, which are selected to represent attendee demographics and industry sectors, in alignment with the WRMC Purpose and Tenets. Individual committee members are selected for their varied expertise and experience in wilderness risk management. To learn more about Steering Committee responsibilities and benefits, or to apply to serve on the committee for the 2021 planning cycle, click here.

Call for Proposals

Burlington, Vermont | October 28-30, 2020


The WRMC Steering Committee evaluates and selects educational content based on our shared risk management philosophy. 

  • Wilderness and outdoor experiences create unique opportunities for personal growth and skill development.
  • There is value to taking risks, and those risks need to be thoughtfully assessed and managed.
  • We have a responsibility to share learning in order to promote collaboration and improved risk management practices across the industry.
  • Each organization should define its own risk management goals and practices, while also striving to learn from the practices and experiences of others.
  • Managing the risks to our participants and staff helps us manage the risks to our organizations.
  • We can and should enlist our participants as partners in managing the risks inherent in our programs.
  • Cultural humility supports risk management and is essential in creating inclusive programs.
  • Transparency with participants and their families is valuable and appropriate, including in times of crisis.
  • Timely reporting and debriefing of risk management incidents is key to promoting learning and improving practices over time.
  • Prudent legal strategies are grounded in running quality programs that thoughtfully manage risk and prioritize the health and well-being of those involved.



WRMC attendees come from outdoor education, conservation, recreation and guiding industries, adventure travel, international education, secondary schools, therapeutic programs, college programs, and other sectors. Total conference attendance is typically 550-600; presenters can expect 50-125 attendees in their workshop. 

Presentation Categories
  • Emergency Planning and Crisis Response
  • Field Practices
  • Legal and Insurance
  • Program Administration
  • Staff Training and Decision Making
  • Mental, Social, and Emotional Health
Workshop Formats
  • Pre-Conference Workshop: Oct. 27-28, 2020
  • Conference Workshop (60 or 90 minutes): Oct. 29-30, 2020
  • 18-Minute Conference Presentation (i.e. TED Talk): Oct. 29 or 30, 2020
  • Poster: Oct. 28, 2020


  • Call for Proposals Open: January 1 - March 1, 2020
  • Accept/decline notifications emailed: May 2020
  • Speaker confirmation/agreement due: June 19, 2020
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WRMC Legacy Partners

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