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Real challenges. Real solutions.

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Prepare to meet challenges

A wild world awaits. Opportunity and possibility abound. NOLS Custom Education is ready to help your group achieve greatness.

Navigating miles of rocky terrain becomes a lesson in communication and teamwork. Living in a small group for an extended period creates strong bonds and inspires new and successful ways to work together. On a custom course, you will learn to manage limited resources, interpersonal dynamics, and an unpredictable environment.

Whether leveraging existing culture or building anew, we put our tested leadership curriculum into practice as we work with you to instill the skills, awareness, and competence to make every group a team.


A Handcrafted Course for Your Group

You choose the ingredients, NOLS creates the course


Far from the mental noise of text and email notifications, your group will focus on your goals for 6-30 days: traveling, living, and learning in the backcountry on a custom wilderness expedition. As you navigate significant interpersonal and technical challenges, you will push beyond comfort and convention within your group to establish deeper understanding of your expedition members, build stronger commitment to team goals and values, and develop your own skills and confidence as a leader.



On the Leadership Navigation Challenge (LNC) your group will harness the power of play on a one- to two-day course that blends classroom and experiential learning. Throughout this geocaching urban adventure you'll rely on your fellow team members to navigate a challenging course, pausing to reflect on group functionality and give crucial feedback. NOLS facilitators will guide you through debrief sessions and provide relevant, impactful curriculum to build a more cohesive team.



Cultivate your team

Design a Custom Course

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Who we work with

Universities, College Prep programs, secondary schools, corporations, and government agencies

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