Our Team

Credit: Eric Page



NOLS is an organization with heart. It’s filled with people committed to preparing others for leadership. We have the expertise across wilderness medicine, risk management, and expeditions to support powerful, authentic experiences. And we have wildness in our bones. Our wildness comes from exploring wilderness, learning how to manage challenging medical emergencies, and figuring out ways to help groups and organizations achieve their goals.


Join the Team

Working at NOLS means working to extend the invitation to the wilderness to anyone. Join our community and help us move our mission forward.


NOLS Board of Trustees

Marc B. Randolph, Chair
Gregory M. Avis, Vice Chair
Isobel Coleman, Secretary
Noah Gottdiener, Treasurer

Andrea (Auny) Abegglen
John Babcock
Robert O. Bethge
Jimmy Chin
David W. Cohen
Danielle Dignan
Amy Dominguez-Arms
José González
N. Stuart Harris
Stefan J. Jackson 
David Lucchino
Ethan O. Meers
Annie Morita
Rahul Narang
George Phipps

Medical Advisor
Herbert G. Ogden, M.D.

NOLS Board of Trustees Emeriti
Joan K. Chitiea, Trustee Emeritus 
Howard P. Colhoun, Trustee Emeritus 
Fred J. Kleisner, Chair Emeritus
Douglas S. Luke, Trustee Emeritus
Homer L. Luther, Chair Emeritus
Michael Schmertzler, Chair Emeritus
Gene R. Tremblay, Chair Emeritus


Executive Team

Terri Watson, President
Sandy Chio, Marketing and Admissions Director
Steve Dahnert, Finance and Investments Director
Melissa Gray, Wilderness Medicine Director
Rachael Price, Interim Operations Director
Scott Robertson, Faculty and Studies Director
Judd Rogers, Interim Alumni & Development Director



Advisory Council

Josh Huffard, Co-Chair
Rob Bethge, Co-Chair
Brooks Barron
Kyle Barnett
Augie Bering
Scott Briscoe
Scott Clark
Lawrence Field
Molly Graham
Gretchen Herbert
Brad Hirsch
Sarah Hiza
Robert Hussey
Chris Kirtley
Trice Koopman
Carter Antony McBride
Laurie Nash
David Newman
John Pfeister
Katie Rohrer
Brett Shanaman
Chris Sicuranza
Laura McGiffert Slover
Wandi Steward
Blaine Versaw
David Watson
Neill Wessell
Tomas Wise

Advisory Council Emeriti
Anne Cannon
David F. Gorter
Fred J. Kleisner
Allen B. Macomber
Bill Murdock
Peter Simer
Herman L. Stude