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Two NOLS tents in the early morning in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska.

July 14 - Author Patrick Dean: How an (Unfortunate) Epic on a NOLS Course Gave Insight into the First Ascent of Denali

Zoom @ 4:00pm MDT -- Twenty years ago, Patrick Dean completed his NOLS Outdoor Educator course in the Rockies. Now, he's a first-time author, with a biography of the Episcopal priest who first summited Denali in 1913. Join us as we chat about his book "A Window to Heaven," his NOLS experience, and how what he learned at NOLS helped him when he sat down to write. If you're curious about the first team to successfully summit Denali, lessons learned on a NOLS course, or the art of writing, this event is for you! Click the photo above to sign up and receive a Zoom access link.
Students navigate a rapid while whitewater canoeing.

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