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Jagged snow dusted mountain peaks at sunrise.

The Spirit of High Places

February 24 II 7:00pm MT II Zoom with professional adventure photographer and digital storyteller Jonathan Duncan II This presentation will take you on a photographic odyssey through many of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, exploring the ways that human beings have related to these landscapes throughout history. Hear enduring stories of meaning and purpose, of people’s aspirations and their sense of what is sacred. Jonathan has spent over twenty years exploring and documenting the world’s high and wild places. He is a NOLS Semester in Kenya graduate and now serves as the creative director for the digital storytelling company Alpine Vision Media, as well as the adjunct professor of Adventure Media and Photography at Westminster College. (click on the photo to sign up and receive a Zoom link before the event)
Students using their mountaineering skills to climb up the snowy Mount Rainier amidst stunning scenery at sunrise.

Advancing Your Photography With Marc Silber

March 3 II 7:00pm PT II Join us for a night of wisdom and tips shared by bestselling author and award-winning photographer, Marc Silber. Enjoy expert advice for capturing outstanding outdoor images from Marc’s own experience and from some of the top outdoor photographers in the world he’s interviewed, like Chris Burkard and Cory Richards (who is preparing for his 4th Everest climb!) As a very special treat, Marc will play a rare video of Ansel Adams talking about “the whole key to photography,” shot in Yosemite. A NOLS grad and graduate of the instructors’ course, Marc is also the producer of the popular Youtube series, Advancing Your Photography. He'll be glad to answer photography questions during Q&A! (click on the photo to sign up and receive a Zoom link before the event)
A kid on top of a rock with mountains in the background.

Never Too Young For Adventure

March 9 II 6:00pm MT II Zoom with NOLS Wilderness Medicine instructor and Avid4 Adventure CEO Paul Dreyer to hear about and discuss the best ways to get young kids climbing, biking, paddling, and hiking (before they're old enough for a NOLS course)! For two decades, Avid4 Adventure has been a nationally recognized leader in outdoor adventure for elementary and middle schoolers. In this interactive session, you will hear about how Avid4 introduces positive risk management strategies and Love & Logic principles to create fun and empowering adventures. Walk away with practical ideas on how to further support your kids in getting away from screens and into the outdoors. Attendees will also receive a transferable discount code for an Avid4 Adventure 2021 Summer Camp! (click on the photo to sign up and receive a Zoom link before the event)
Christine Reed

Inside a Solo Female Hiker's Mind: Fear, Safety, and Confidence

March 23 II 5:00pm MT II Join Christine Reed, NOLS Wilderness First Responder and author of "Alone in Wonderland" for a talk about the thought life of a solo female hiker. In her new memoir, she reveals the inner battle between healthy caution and unproductive fear and takes on ideas about what is and isn't safe for women in the outdoors. We know that knowledge can be powerful, and that's why so many of us take safety and skills courses as part of our outdoor pursuits. Christine will discuss how she dealt with the fear she'd been taught to carry from childhood. Through sharing her story, she hopes to empower other women to step into their bravery but also to educate the men in our lives to be allies in not only our safety, but our confidence. (click on the photo to sign up and receive a Zoom link before the event)
Nikki Mann using a chop saw outside to cut a block of wood.

She’s Constructin’ It!

March 29 II 5:00pm MT II Find out what building can teach us about hammering into the challenges of gender divides, communication, teaching, becoming a student again, assessing risks and rewards, and being willing to break things! NOLS instructors and women builders Nikki Mann and Margo van den Berg are the creators of "She's Constructin' It!" - a YouTube channel that inspires women to tackle their own building and remodel projects. Using a 200 square-foot studio construction project as their starting point, Nikki and Margo will share stories and dive into whatever aspects of the topic attendees are most interested in learning. Every project, be it building or not, is very different and specific. We won’t go too far into the construction detail rabbit-hole, but we can have a lot of fun talking about building and construction in general! (click on the photo to access their YouTube channel and sign up to receive a Zoom link before the event)