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Charlie Manganiello

Strength Training: How To Never Be Too Far From Your Very Best

January 27 II 5:00PM MT II Zoom with strength training/climbing coach and NOLS semester grad Charlie Manganiello II Most of us dream all winter about our summer goals. Maybe it's a hiking trip in some remote range, paddling along a seacoast or flatwater river, summiting a specific peak, climbing some route that you never thought possible, or just feeling fit enough to enjoy an athletic endeavor instead of just surviving it! In this talk, Charlie will break down the principles of strength training, how to make it simple, how to be consistent, and how you might go about programming it throughout your year. Being stronger has a much greater purpose than lifting some heavy rate or running some super fast time. It's about doing it so you can enjoy life and all the fun things you like to do when you're out living it! (click the photo to sign up and receive a Zoom link before the event)

Paul Petzoldt and the Evolution of the Alumni Experience

February 3 II 7:30PM ET II Zoom with journalist, non-fiction writer, and NOLS grad Kate Dernocoeur II The historical relationship between the school and its alumni group has an interesting trajectory, starting with Paul Petzoldt's view that he never wanted to hear from former students again. He insisted that they should just take what they had learned out into the wider world and be gone. Over time, the alumni group has become an important asset to the school. Let's explore that history through the years, including a bit of historical story-telling about the man who, at age 57, started building his dream of NOLS. (click the photo to sign up and receive a Zoom link before the event)
Jagged snow dusted mountain peaks at sunrise.

The Spirit of High Places

February 24 II 7:00pm MT II Zoom with professional adventure photographer and digital storyteller Jonathan Duncan II This presentation will take you on a photographic odyssey through many of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, exploring the ways that human beings have related to these landscapes throughout history. Hear enduring stories of meaning and purpose, of people’s aspirations and their sense of what is sacred. Jonathan has spent over twenty years exploring and documenting the world’s high and wild places. He is a NOLS Semester in Kenya graduate and now serves as the creative director for the digital storytelling company Alpine Vision Media, as well as the adjunct professor of Adventure Media and Photography at Westminster College. (click on the photo to sign up and receive a Zoom link before the event)