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The world is changing. You’re ready to blaze the trail forward.

Challenge yourself to lead a team, face adversity, and savor the relationships formed in the wild. A NOLS expedition is your opportunity to practice leadership skills as you learn to navigate in a remote wilderness. With instructors who know how to make the wilderness a classroom and our time-tested curriculum, you’ll find your strengths as a leader.

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Course Types




Your expedition will focus on one or more skill types to navigate the wilderness. You’ll learn to explore mountains, sea, and coasts while practicing leadership, wilderness skills, risk management, and environmental studies.

Your experience will be about hands-on learning. Every day will be a new opportunity to practice and grow your skills. 

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Core Curriculum


NOLS teaches leadership as “situationally appropriate action that directs or guides your group to set and achieve goals.” Students will be able to:

  • Serve a team in a variety of roles: self leader, peer leader, designated leader, and active follower
  • Demonstrate good expedition behavior—take initiative, balance group and personal goals, and remain respectful and inclusive of their team members
  • Demonstrate competence
  • Communicate effectively
  • Make sound decisions
  • Display a tolerance for adversity and uncertainty
  • Demonstrate self awareness
  • Display initiative by setting and achieving goals


NOLS teaches the expedition skills necessary to live and travel in the wilderness. Students will be able to:

  • Live comfortably (select a campsite; set up shelter; organize, pack, and maintain gear; cook; manage nutrition; and use clothing as protection from the elements)
  • Travel (hike, climb, paddle, row, sail, ski, snowboard, cave, and/or horsepack)
  • Navigate using maps, charts, compass, GPS and/or terrain
  • Prevent, assess, and treat injury and illness in the wilderness


NOLS teaches risk management by applying leadership and wilderness skills and facilitating experiences to develop judgment. Students will be able to:

  • Identify and assess hazards and understand risks in the wilderness
  • Use technical skills, leadership, judgment, and situational awareness to manage risks
  • Use risk management terminology and models to assess and communicate decisions and actions
  • Create and implement contingency plans


NOLS connects students to wild places. Students will be able to:

  • Explore the natural world through observation and application of ecological concepts
  • Develop a sense of place by experiencing wilderness and exploring relationships with their surroundings
  • Articulate an environmental ethic
  • Understand land management and environmental issues
  • Apply Leave No Trace principles to camping and travel




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“Above all, I learned how to make my voice heard, to be organized, to deliver constructive feedback, embrace hardship and the unknown, be intentional, and to live minimally. I learned to appreciate each moment.”

-Sadie S., Semester in the Rockies Graduate

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