Alumni Reunions

Credit: Eryn Pierce

coming to a city near you

Alumni reunions are about getting together with fellow NOLS grads, family, and friends to swap stories over good food and drink. As a bonus, listen to an inspiring presentation and enjoy a free gear raffle.

Come connect with your NOLS community at the local level.

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Spring 2018 Reunion Schedule

We enjoyed seeing you all at these gatherings. 

 Jackson, Wyoming - March 16, 2018

 Boston, Massachusetts - March 23, 2018

 Atlanta, Georgia - April 5, 2018

 Houston, Texas - April 21, 2018

 Austin, Texas - April 26, 2018

 San Francisco, California - May 1, 2018

 Portland, Oregon - May 16, 2018

 Denver, Colorado - May 17, 2018

 Seattle, Washington - May 18, 2018

Stay tuned for Fall gatherings in New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, the Twin Cities and more...

If you have questions about an event or the RSVP process, please drop us a line or call 800-332-4280.





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Credit: Eryn Pierce