A student looks out over one of Utah's spectacular desert canyons with binoculars.
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Hike Utah's Canyons - Alumni


6 days


18+ yrs



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In addition to living and traveling in Utah's desert canyon environment, this trip focuses on the area's natural history and incredible Anasazi culture. Exposed landforms provide textbook illustrations of the land's geologic past while thickly vegetated riparian zones contrast stark expanses of rock, sand, and black bush.

Prehistoric Indian cultures once thrived in the region; Utah's Grand Gulch is filled with amazing signs and remnants of their society. This is a fantastic trip to invite non-grad guests, friends or family. Backpack Utah’s desert canyons with a focus on the area’s incredible human history. Explore the canyon’s secrets and hidden paths. Navigate the slickrock’s variegated topography and enjoy the shade in oasis-like canyon bottoms. You’ll traverse a 26-mile section of Grand Gulch and Bullet Canyon, one of Utah’s top hiking adventures.

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*Even with light packs, traveling through tight, rugged canyons is challenging.

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Tuition includes pre and post-trip lodging in Grand Junction.

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What Our Grads Say

"The canyon trip was a wonderful way to reconnect with NOLS, learn new skills, brush up on some old skills, see some beautiful landscape, and make new friends. The beauty of the canyons was as wonderful as the people I shared this adventure with. The trip leaders could not have been better and my fellow adventurers were stellar. It was a great reminder of the quality of people who are NOLS alumni. 


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