Haas Extreme Leadership: Patagonia

Credit: Mauricio Clauzet

About the expedition

Patagonia is a frontier of campos (ranches) hidden in isolated mountain valleys, ragged icy peaks, swift-moving rivers, and cathedral fjords. This is a land that demands exploration and you will experience its dramatic peaks, vast valleys, and mysterious wilderness. You will explore this remote world and experience mercurial weather, conditions that will build resilience and tolerance for adversity and uncertainty - skills relevant in today's global economy. 

The Haas Extreme Leadership Patagonia Course is an eight-day field-based training in which you will learn leadership and technical outdoor skills in one of the world's most amazing classrooms. There will be a strong focus on being an adaptable team member and the ability to distinguish between the roles of team member (active follower) and leam leader (designated leader). Throughout the course you will exercise individual decisiveness, while simultaneously facilitating effective teamwork. Curriculum delivery will concentrate on situational leadership skills applicable to school, business, and social life. 

Two silhouetted students in the mountains of Patagonia practice route-finding while looking out at craggy snow-crusted peaks.


2024 Dates

Course dates January 6-13, 2023
Activity Backpacking
Tuition $3,200 tuition due September 9, 2022
Course deposit $500 course deposit due at time of enrollment (by May 13, 2022)
Equipment deposit $300 equipment deposit due September 9, 2022
Course location NOLS Patagonia
Fly in/out Punta Arenas, Chile
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