Heather Wisniewski

Chief Advancement Officer

Heather Wisniewski

Heather came to NOLS as a semester student in the Rockies in 1997 immediately after graduating from Northland College with a degree in Outdoor Adventure Education. She became an instructor in 1999 and during the next decade extensively worked and led backpacking and sea kayaking programs in Wyoming, Alaska and Mexico. She also spent time as a field staffing coordinator, program supervisor and admissions officer.

She joined the NOLS development team in 2008 and continued her development career at NOLS while also completing her Masters in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy. She then led development teams for The Nature Conservancy programs of Wyoming, Kentucky and Global Cities from 2013-2021.

Heather returned to NOLS in June 2021 to become the Chief Advancement Officer, her “dream job”. NOLS has been her passion during the last 25 years and she is thrilled to be back here combining that passion with her expertise in fundraising, thinking strategically, and leading complex teams.

Heather and her husband, Chris, currently reside in Lander, Wyoming and spend their time playing with their dogs, hiking, camping, and exploring new and beautiful places!